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McClure North GA Custom Gate and Fence

Security Gate and Fence

McClure North GA recently added a fence and security gate for a client. If you have property and need to limit access to your property give us a call!

McClure North GA Fencing Equipment

Custom Fencing

Have a look at one of our latest custom fencing jobs.  McClure North GA has the experience and equipment to tackle even the largest fencing needs.  

McClure North Georgia Split Rail Fence with 12FT Gate

Split Rail Fence with 12FT Gate

Split Rail Fences require less material that solid wood, vinyl, or aluminum fences. A split rail fence can be configured to fence in any animal, dogs or farm animals, while deterring deer and other unwanted animals.

McClure North Georgia Wire Field Gate with a Sure Latch

Wire Field Gate with Sure Latch

This project is an example of some of the work McClure North Georgia performs. The gate below is a Wire Field Gate with a Sure Latch.  See the gate in action via the short clip below!