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Fencing Projects

At McClure North Georgia we design and build beautiful fences.  We’ll also help you rehab your existing fencing.  McClure North Georgia will take care of the entire process from clearing and removing brush for new fence installation to maintenance of your current fencing.  

Side Arm Bush Hogging Projects

McClue North GA performs a variety of side arm/boom bush hogging services such as trimming trees, brush and large hedges.  Additionally, mowing over fences, down embankments and around ponds.  

Excavator Fence Clearing

Excavator Projects

McClue North GA performs a variety of different excavator services.  Some of our services include Land/lot clearing, Earth or rock work, Ponds and Water Features, Site Clearing, Drainage Ditches and Water Flow & Draining Control.

Protect your equipment or animals in a custom designed pole barn by McClure North GA. We can provide a custom designed pole barn to fit your needs from farm equipment, cars, lawn equipment or to store your bikes.  With years of experience one of our building designers can guide you through the design process. 

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